Renovation of the church Notre-Dame of Vouharte

The church of Dame de Vouharte dates back to the XI & XIIth century; it was transformed in the XIV and XV centuries.
It used to be part of a Benedictine Priory by 900 and some remains can be observed through out the building. It has been registered since 2003 as a historical Monument.

In 2006, Domus Ars worked for the first time to renovate its enclosed porch, then the firm restaured it choir vault .

Works description

  • Masonry works
  • Reconstitute the missing parts
  • Renovate the existing elements and consolidate the opening

Used materials

Subsituting stone chosen for its natural properties: toughness, texture, colour and coming all directly from the carrier located in Vilhonneur, Rocamat company.

  • Pierre calcaire
  • Chaux tradical bâtir
  • Chaux tradical 70
  • Résines
  • Fers
  • Patines

Performed works :

  • Scaffolding
  • Safety structures
  • Shielding and shoring
  • Demolition works on masonry
  • Restitution of missing elements


Download the PDF technical sheet

Eglise Notre Dame de Vouharte Zoom

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